The original box, with a bit more kapow! We’ve combined Croatia’s best and added a few premium products too. All fresh produce is seasonal and therefore picked the same week. There’s enough to feed 4 people, 2 meals a day, for 3 days, so buy accordingly!

For those of you looking to splurge a little bit more on your FreshBox, we’ve added some extra special premium products. On top of those fresh, mouth-watering ingredients to feed 4 people for 3 days, with this box you’ll have a few extra highs along the way.

TheFreshBoxPremium includes:

Hard cheese with truffles – an aromatic cheese made from cow’s milk with chopped fresh truffles. This unique, earthy and nutty flavoured cheese is paired beautifully with a simple white bread and red wine. You can also use this to flavour your eggs, pizza, pasta and even a grilled cheese sandwich.

Kulen – this is a traditional smoked sausage from the Slavonia region of Croatia that’s made of minced pork made with a red hot paprika and garlic that bring out its rich aroma and flavour.

Čvarci – fried pork rinds that are made locally. These make a great snack to go along with a beer!

Hot sauce – not far from the marina, chilli specialists have bottled you the perfect condiment to spice things up.

Mountain honey –  our lush, fragrant mountains are a bee’s paradise, so you can only imagine how sweet this honey is!

as well as everything from TheFreshBox:

Eggs (10)
Seasonal vegetables (5)
Seasonal fruit (3)
Cheese (2 types)
Cured meats (2 types)
Jars of pickled vegetables: either olives, motar (read about motar here) or gherkins/pickles (2)
Jar of ajvar: a red pepper based condiment, read about ajvar here. (1)
Bottles* of fresh juice (2)
Bottle** of olive oil (1)
Uncut loaves of bread: a white, specialty and traditional sweet bread (3)
Other important bits: garlic (1), onions (2), herbs (fresh or dry, type depending on the season)


*1 bottle of fresh juice is 1L

**1 bottle of olive oil is 500mL


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