The original box, combining Croatia’s best fruit, vegetables, cured meats, cheese, juices and a few extras too. All fresh produce is seasonal and therefore picked the same week. There’s enough to feed four people two meals a day for three days. Dobar tek!

We work with farmers from all over Croatia and only get what’s in season, so our boxes change from month to month. No matter the month, you’ll get fresh, mouth-watering ingredients to feed four people for three days.

We guarantee the following in your box:

Eggs (10)
Seasonal vegetables (5)
Seasonal fruit (3)
Cheese (2 types)
Cured meats (2 types)
Jars of pickled vegetables: either olives, motar (read about motar here) or gherkins/pickles (2)
Jar of ajvar: a red pepper based condiment, read about ajvar here. (1)
Bottles* of fresh juice (2)
Bottle** of olive oil (1)
Uncut loaves of bread: a white, specialty and traditional sweet bread (3)
Other important bits: garlic (1), onions (2), herbs (fresh or dry, type depending on the season)

*1 bottle of fresh juice is 1L
**1 bottle of olive oil is 500mL


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