TheFreshBox Complete Bundle

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TheFreshBox Complete Bundle contains all boxes with everything you will need while at sea. Delicious delights for daily consumption, thirst-quenching booze to partner with it as well as those on-board basics you can’t go without. We’ve added as a treat 250g of French Press Fresh Ground Coffee (4coffee Soul Food).

The FreshBox Complete Bundle includes:

The Fresh Box Premium
The Booze Box
The Basics Box
French Press Fresh Ground Coffee: 4coffee Soul Food (250g)

TheFreshBoxPremium specialty products:

Hard cheese with truffles – an aromatic cheese made from cow’s milk with chopped fresh truffles. This unique, earthy and nutty flavoured cheese is paired beautifully with a simple white bread and red wine. You can also use this to flavour your eggs, pizza, pasta and even a grilled cheese sandwich.

Kulen – this is a traditional smoked sausage from the Slavonia region of Croatia that’s made of minced pork made with a red hot paprika and garlic that bring out its rich aroma and flavour.

Čvarci – fried pork rinds that are made locally. These make a great snack to go along with a beer!

Hot sauce – not far from the marina, chilli specialists have bottled you the perfect condiment to spice things up.

Mountain honey –  our lush, fragrant mountains are a bee’s paradise, so you can only imagine how sweet this honey is!

as well as everything from TheFreshBox:

Eggs (10)
Seasonal vegetables (5)
Seasonal fruit (3)
Cheese (2 types)
Cured meats (2 types)
Jars of pickled vegetables: either olives, motar (read about motar here) or gherkins/pickles (2)
Jar of ajvar: a red pepper based condiment, read about ajvar here. (1)
Bottles* of fresh juice (2)
Bottle** of olive oil (1)
Uncut loaves of bread: a white, specialty and traditional sweet bread (3)
Other important bits: garlic (1), onions (2), herbs (fresh or dry, type depending on the season)

*1 bottle of fresh juice is 1L
**1 bottle of olive oil is 500mL

TheBoozeBox products:

We like to showcase different wine, beer, and rakija options from a few Croatian islands, so any given month the brand may change. We value your feedback; let us know what you liked!

You’ll get:

12 bottles* – Three types of Croatian craft beer

3 bottles** – Red wine

2 bottles – White wine

1 bottle – Rosé wine

2 small bottles*** – Two types of rakija

*a bottle of beer is 0.5mL
**a bottle of wine is 0.75L
***a bottle of rakija is 200mL

The Basics Box products:

This box gives you the basics that many of our sailors have needed but forgotten.

Toilet roll
White rice
Baking powder
Sunflower oil
Kitchen paper
Pesto sauce
UHT Milk
Raw sugar
White sugar
Hand soap
Dish cleaner

French Press Fresh Ground Coffee: 4coffee Soul Food (250g)
Freshly ground coffee with coarse grain for the french press.


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