As demanded by you guys, we’re now able to showcase the local grape varieties, the craft beer scene, and we chucked in a few bottles of rakija in there for good measure. Rakija is a strong (around 40% proof or more) fruit, nut or herb spirit that’s consumed in every town and family in Croatia. It is customary to take a welcome drink of rakija (served in a shot glass, but sipped!) when you come into a Croatian household and then another to round off a meal in a traditional Croatian restaurant.

It’s also impossible to tell you how long this box will last for – it really depends on how much you drink! Take a look below at what and how much of each drink is included in the box. There is something here for everyone’s taste and you’ll truly get to experience authentic Croatian flavours in every sip.

We like to showcase different wine, beer, and rakija options from a few Croatian islands, so any given month the brand may change. We value your feedback; let us know what you liked!

You’ll get:

12 bottles* – Three types of Croatian craft beer

3 bottles** – Red wine

2 bottles – White wine

1 bottle – Rosé wine

2 small bottles*** – Two types of rakija



*a bottle of beer is 0.5mL
**a bottle of wine is 0.75L
***a bottle of rakija is 200mL


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