We’re a young and passionate team, who have worked in agriculture and food preparation our whole lives. We eat and drink the same products we put in our boxes, and ensure that they are high quality.

Our Team


Nick and Mahina Hathaway

Owner/Operators 45 Degrees Sailing and thefreshbox

Having sailed in Croatia for the past three years, this couple wants to make it their home. As the husband wife team of crewed sailing holidays Mahina and Nick know the challenges of getting fresh quality local produce on a Saturday at the start of a charter.

TheFreshBox Danica Picture


Nutrition and Quality Control

Croatian blood but with a Canadian upbringing, Danica shares her passion for nutrition through our social media channels, vlog and in person with you. Having had to create her own special diet due to health needs, she’s put together some great meals to enjoy while on your holiday.

Our Mission


If you ask us, Croatia has the best cuisine in the world. From the light Mediterranean meals drizzled in olive-oil, to the spicier Slavonian sausage, and finally the Turkish-influenced treats. It would be a shame not to share them with anyone that steps foot in our country.

Unfortunately, there’s more to it than that. Our agricultural scene has been been fading in recent years, as financial pressures plus an ageing population has seen less people make the most of our temperate climate, and young people have moved to the cities or abroad.

We see the value and the riches that remain on our mountains and in our plains. We want to conserve our tradition and heritage by demonstrating its worth both locally and globally. Choosing TheFreshBox will help us do this, so thank you for being part of our mission.

Our Partners

We believe partnership work is vital in order to run a sustainable and successful company that provides the customers with what they want. Here are just a few of our partners that have helped make us what we are today:

45 Degrees Sailing – Two kiwis managed to fly, and fly they did, all the way to Croatia where they have now set up a company to offer unique week-long sails to families and active groups alike. They gave us insights into how yachts and sailing works, and what their guests are looking for.

Ensoco – a local social enterprise consultancy who supported us in turning our dream into a reality. They also supported our idea to use as many local, fresh, organic goods and as much reusable packaging as we possibly can.