Homemade Wood-Fired Bread: Ispod Peke

Dalmatian cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine in general is known for being a balanced, joyful, and healthy way of eating. Recipes and cooking methods of have been passed down from family to family.

Peka or sać is an ancient technique of preparing various dishes inside a bell-shaped terracotta dome. The technique is mostly used in the preparation of meat, vegetables, or seafood that are seasoned and cooked together with olive oil and herbs. The technique is also used quite a bit in making fresh bread! 
The dome-shaped lid is put on top, and the whole vessel is then placed in an outdoor fireplace, while the lid is covered with hot embers. This preparation technique allows the ingredients to cook slowly and keeps all the flavours and aromas intact.⠀
Dishes baked under the lid are commonly found in traditional restaurants (konoba) and we were lucky enough to witness how it’s done! Bread prepared this way cannot be compared to anything else.


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