We LOVE Hora Hvar: Organic Wine and Rakija

One of our suppliers is Hora Hvar, a farm located in Stari Grad on the island of Hvar. Today we are talking everything wine and rakija with Ana and Romana!

As well as growing a range of organic produce, Hora Hvar makes their own wine, which is known for its authenticity and quality. Croatia has more than 130 indigenous grape varieties; some of them are native to Hvar and are only grown on the island. The wines that we like to include in our BoozeBox are:

Bogdanuša is an ancient white grape variety that is indigenous to the island of Hvar, on Croatia’s west coast. Its name literally means “godsend,” and Bogdanuša wine plays a significant part in Croatia’s religious festivals.

Plavac Mali is one of Croatia’s best known grape varieties; it is also the most popular red wine grape grown along the coast of Dalmatia. Archaeological findings show that the grapes were grown on Hvar over 2500 years ago! 


Learn more about Hora Hvar, their amazing restaurant and homemade products here.

Scenery around HORA
Farmland around the restaurant

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