Making Sarma with Cook Croatia

Back in May, we spent the day in a small village 40-minutes from Split with Cook Croatia. Cook Croatia have combined their experience of education with local know-how and traditional recipes to give us a unique culinary experience in the back and beyond of Dalmatia. They taught us how to make ‘sarma’ or cabbage rolls, which is a delicious, traditional Croatian dish. Yum!

The kitchen was run by a local housewife and grandmother, with years of experience in the kitchen, making those meals we dream of and encounter so rarely these days. Super authentic! They showed us how to play ‘bocce ball,’ we tried some of their own cured meats, drank home-made wine and and spent the day most of the day in nature (it got a little rainy at the end)!

If you want to have your own authentic cooking experience just outside of Split, check out Cook Croatia here! A big thanks goes out to Michael and the whole Cook Croatia team, we had a blast!

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